Active Heroes welcomes unique Sullivan University Seminars

Active Heroes has partnered with Sullivan University to design over a dozen unique seminars for military families at the Active Heroes Retreat. The Seminars are sixty to ninety minute discussions including skill developments such as resume building, conflict management, budgeting and business management. The seminars have been designed to fit a needs assessment that was built the “Legendary Leadership” Ignite Team from Louisville Leadership Center. The cost of the seminars will be free for all veterans and their families and will be hosted at the Active Heroes Retreat Center in Shepherdsville, KY on the week of June 9th -June 13th.

“Education will be an important step in giving veterans and their families the ability to go after their dreams.” said Troy Yocum, founder of Active Heroes. “I am proud to welcome Sullivan University with this strong partnership. This will be a unique approach to giving veterans the chance learn more skills and openly discuss their ideas and issues.”


“Workplace Bullying – The Silent Epidemic” – This presentation provides an overview of what workplace bullying is and how it can be addressed.  It includes defining workplace bullying, explaining the prevalence and antecedents of workplace bullying, describing the behaviors of workplace bullying, discussing the costs associated with the behaviors, and providing guidance for creating anti-bullying policies and systems.

“Principles of Conflict Management” – This presentation summarizes the key elements of conflict management, explains how unresolved conflict impacts organizations and individuals, describes cost related to unmanaged and unproductive conflict, explains the five primary conflict management and communication styles, and explain the P.E.A.C.E. © Model for productive conflict management.
“Emotional Intelligence is a Key Leadership Skill” – The primary components of Emotional Intelligence (EI) are developing self-awareness, regulating and monitoring your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, and overcoming the inevitable life obstacles.  Emotionally intelligent leaders are empathetic, have good problem-solving skills, and have a positive outlook on life.  As a result, they develop healthier, more satisfying relationships.   This workshop presents an overview of emotional intelligence, discusses behaviors associated with emotionally intelligent leaders, and provides tips for participants to improve their emotional intelligence.

“P.E.A.C.E.© from Conflict” – This presentation explains how developing and implementing a holistic, customized conflict management program for an organization impacts employee attitudes and motivation.  The framework of the program is built on the precepts of conflict resolution and transformation, including perception clarification, empathetic listening, appreciating diversity, collaborative problem-solving, and emotional intelligence (P.E.A.C.E©).
“Dealing with Difficult People” – This presentation presents an overview of the costs of unmanaged conflicts.  It also provides tips and strategies for dealing with difficult behaviors and turning unproductive conflicts into opportunities for positive changes.

“Acknowledging versus Enabling” – 60-90 minute facilitated discussion is directed towards spouses/significant others and will provide non-clinical, real-life examples of how to deal more effectively with being a secondary victim of PTSD. Topics will include: how to set boundaries, staying organized, emotions, and coping mechanisms. Techniques for Understanding and Dealing with Conflict at Work:  90-120 minute presentation that will discuss how conflict manifests at work including the concept of “reflexivity” or “how your participation in an event affects it” and “attribution theory” how to make connections. This session would also address techniques for dealing with conflict and when each technique may be appropriate. It will provide a perspective on conflict that will shift the paradigm from conflict is bad to conflict can be advantageous if managed effectively.

“Understanding Interests and Positions and how to Create Positive Outcomes” – 60 minute session on how to focus on separating issues from positions when in conflict, how emotions impact the approach to conflict, and the value of walking away. Emotions can cause conflicts to escalate because different parties are more focused on winning than solving – this session will emphasize the value of solving, and how to get there using effective communication techniques such as active listening, asking clarifying questions, and getting to the root cause of the issue.

“You Just Don’t Understand: A Look at the Differences Between Men and Women in Conversation” – 90 minute session that discusses the differences in communication styles and preferences between men and women with some hands-on role plays which could be both fun, and maybe helpful in creating more open communication within the family unit.

“How took cook and eat healthier (different techniques)” – – going over what you should be eating, reading food guide labels: Looking for added sugars, looking for added fats, understanding a portion size. “Safe” Fast foods, outsmarting your cravings, how to properly store food, organic foods and why they’re worth it.

 “Healthy Eating on a Budget”

“Budget 101 : income vs. spent and balancing it all.”

“Turning your military experience into a powerful resume” – We’ll prepare you by  Showing you exactly what employers are looking for on a resume,  Helping you translate your military experience onto your resume, showing you the details of resume style, providing you with little-known “power words” that can get your resume noticed.


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