The Story of Active Heroes

On the morning of December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. It was a devastating attack that emboldened many Americans to help our Nation. The next morning, 3 brothers walked 30 miles to Lebanon, KY to sign up to fight.

All the brothers were separated and sent to different locations. Joseph spent most of the war in the Pacific ocean supplying our troops in the Army. After the war ended, all of the brothers survived and returned home to begin a life working in factories.

Years went by and Joseph suffered from depression and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In 1980, Joseph committed suicide.

Joseph Leake’s grandson, Troy Yocum grew up not fully understanding why his grandfather, Joseph Leake would come to the conclusion that suicide was the only way out. After joining the Army after 9/11 and deploying to Iraq, Yocum came to realize that his friends were experiencing similar issues that his grandfather had. Yocum decided to make it his personal mission to help struggling veterans and their family members to reduce veteran suicide numbers.
Yocum came up with a plan to raise awareness and funds to help military families by hiking across America. He began the 17-month journey, dubbed the “Hike for Heroes”, on April 17, 2010 and finished more than 7,800 miles across 37 states on September 3rd, 2011. Yocum became the first veteran to ever walk the length of 3 times across America and was awarded the Citizen Honors Medal by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. The hike garnered national attention for veteran suicide awareness, raised $1.3 million for military families and helped to create the charity named Active Heroes to continue a mission to end veteran suicide. 

Since the inception of Active Heroes, the programs have adapted to identify the triggering points associated with veteran suicide. Active Heroes has national programs in every state and regional programs serving with locations.

  • Active Challenge – Free events, seminars and Team Leader trainings for every state.
  • Scholarships available for veterans and military families in every state.
  • Home Repairs for Military Families in Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, Florida and Massachusetts.
  • A Military Family Retreat Center located in Shepherdsville, KY
  • A Military Family Community Center in Louisville, KY

2011 ~ Free Events/Seminars Are created For every Era of Military Families

Active Heroes began by forming an identity with Active events, Active volunteer projects and Active ways to support military families directly with programs.

FREE events were created for military families in every state across America. The Hike For Heroes eventually evolved into a team hiking events in dozens of cities called the Carry The Fallen and The Stand At Attention Competitions were hosted in malls in other cities giving a chance for all ages of veterans to participate.

2012 ~ Volunteer Projects and Home Repairs

In order to help military families and wounded veterans, Active Heroes created the Community Outreach/ Home Repair Program. The volunteer projects have helped reduce veteran suicide by giving the families a retreat within their own homes. since 2012, Active Heroes has completed over 30 home projects ranging from one room makeovers to full home restorations for wounded veterans. The projects also help the community connect with the military families and have build strong friendships with neighbors. This program really helps with reintegration!

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2013 ~The Active Heroes Retreat Center is purchased

The Active Heroes Military Family Retreat Center is the first retreat in America designed by military families to help military families heal! The retreat center is located in Shepherdsville, KY and is open to military families free of charge. Activities currently include camping, cookouts, archery, hiking and a children’s playground. Veterans and military families can relax at the pergolas or escape to the “healing areas” for solitude. Volunteer projects will continue for cleanup into 2016, and anyone interested in volunteering is welcome to join us! Free camping for military families will begin in the summer of 2015. One large meal, seminars and entertainment are provided by Active Heroes. Register for these activities at

2015 ~The Active Heroes Military Family Community Center is opened

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, The Active Heroes Military Family Community Center is the first of its kind. The Center is a place that helps to connect veterans and their family members with special events, seminars, volunteer opportunities, therapists, peer mentors, and opportunities for education and employment. At the Center, Active Heroes will host workshops in conjunction with Sullivan University which will cover a variety of issues that military families face or need assistance with. The seminars are paired with activities from partners in the community including cross-fit workouts, yoga, acupuncture treatments, meditation sessions and self defense classes. All of these seminars and activities are hosted at no charge to the military families.


2015 ~Active Heroes announces scholarships for veterans and military families

Active Heroes has partnered with Sullivan University and the American College of Barbering to provide scholarships to Veterans and Military Families. Scholarships are offered annually and awarded at different times of the year.

Active Heroes helps thousands of military families!

Active Heroes has helped thousands of military families with a retreat center, community center, free events, home repairs and scholarships. Please support these programs by making a donation today.
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