The 5th Annual Stand At Attention Competition!

Each Branch will compete to Raise the most to help military families in Need!

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Get ready for this unique event called The Stand At Attention Competition on September 19th, 2015!  The online competition will be held at the Triangle Towne Center in Raleigh, NC while several other locations across America will be held simultaneously. We will have a member from the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines competing to see who can stand at attention the longest! Participants will start at 10:00 am and go until the last one is standing or 8:00 pm, whichever comes first.

If more than one is still standing we will calculate the donations from each branch’s bucket to determine the winner. For example if the Army and Air Force are both standing at 8pm and the Army bucket has more total donations then they will be the winner. Each person standing will get an award and the winning branch member will earn a special award.

All donations to each branch will help Active Heroes!

Watch The Event LIVE on September 19th

Air Force Bucket
Army Bucket
Coast Guard Bucket
Marines Bucket

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If you are interested in coordinating the Stand at Attention Competition in your hometown please contact

Locations will be updated throughout the year!

In Memory of Phillip Bordeaux


The Stand At attention Competition is held each year in memory of Navy Veteran, Philip Bordeaux, who stood for Navy the first year of the competition. Bordeaux died in 2013 after a car accident on a highway near the Naples, Italy base support site.

After joining the Navy in 2009, Bordeaux, of Durham, N.C., was assigned to Norfolk, Va., as a harbor security coxswain. He arrived in Naples in June 2012 and worked his way up from patrol officer to patrol supervisor. At the time of his death, Bordeaux was working on his watch commander qualification, a position normally filled by a first class petty officer.

 Bordeaux often volunteered during off-duty hours, working local events around Halloween and Christmas for Active Heroes. While in Norfolk in 2011, he helped found a fund-raiser in which members of the four armed services stood at attention, at length, in a public place for donations.

Each year, fellow sailors in Naples and many more people across America perform the Stand at Attention Competition, in Bordeaux’s honor.

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