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I have witnessed this mission save lives, first hand by Active Heroes. Ran by leaders beyond reproach. Quickly building unconventional support groups for vets with PTSD and suicidial tendencies daily. A great vision to accomplish and many important missions achieved along the way..
Major Justin Fitch
U.S. Army
This is a wonderful organization dedicated to fight the epidemic of PTSD among our brave vet’s. That is their total goal which is wonderful since our vet’s are so in need since 22 a day are killing themselves. They are so honest and hard working. I hope everyone who reads this will go to their website and see for themselves the wonderful work Active Heroes is achieving for our brave men and women.
Melissa Swift
As a Gold Star Mom that has been a donor and a volunteer for this organization, I am proud to be a part of all this organization does for our Veterans! They are transparent with where and how the money is spent. When you volunteer with them you feel truly rewarded and like you are making a difference!
Sarah McClinton
U.S. Army
This amazing organization has repeatedly gone above and beyond expectations when it comes to their service and dedication to military/veterans and their families. There are so many other groups that SAY they are going to do something, and this outstanding group of individuals DO what they say they’re going to do.
John Ponds
U.S. Marines


Active Heroes mission is to provide therapeutic programs and activities that promote camaraderie and help Active-Duty Military, Veterans and their families flourish in life outside of uniform.


Every Donation Helps Our Mission

Our Veterans put everything on the line to protect our freedom. We may never be able to repay them for their sacrifice, but we can show them just how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for us.

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