The Original and Largest Ruck-March event For Veteran suicide Awareness

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What is Carry the Fallen?

Carry The Fallen is a Ruck-March (Hiking) EVENT with a purpose by and for ACTIVE HEROES, a 501c3 Charity coordinated by Volunteer Team Leaders.

Teams ruck-march for 3, 6, 12 or 22 hours while carrying weight that symbolizes the burden that many veterans carry post-war or post-trauma. The ultimate purpose of Carry The Fallen is to reduce veteran suicide and assist Military Families by:

1. Establishing camaraderie to cope with Post Traumatic Stress (anger, depression, loneliness, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies). Uniting veterans, families and supporters to care for each other in times of need.

2. Training Team Leaders how to interact with suicidal veterans and the steps to assist them.

3. Developing a Peer Mentor and Ambassador community of veterans, military families and civilians who support struggling families and/or veterans.

4. Supporting Active Heroes programs including the retreat, community center, home repairs, and active challenges from donations raised by the Carry The Fallen events that will help reduce veteran suicide with outdoor activity programs and educational programs.

Join a Team By Clicking the Map

Join a Carry the Fallen team near your location by searching the map and joining the fundraising Team page. Once you click Join the team, you will create a fundraising page and be able to assist the Active Heroes Retreat Center with every donation you receive.

Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN Carry the Fallen
Carry the Fallen The Minutemen - Boston, MA Carry the Fallen

Boston, MA

Aaron Brown,

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Register for FREE or Become An Ambassador

Each Team hosts several ruck marches a year. At each event you can REGISTER FOR FREE or register to BECOME AN ACTIVE HEROES AMBASSADOR for $50 and you will be sent a Carry The Fallen shirt, bumper sticker, refrigerator magnet, flyers (donation Cards), and an Ambassador Booklet containing suicide prevention information and peer mentor campaign information. Shipping is included in the $50 donation. Please note that the Ambassador Package Shirt changes often. 

Fundraise to Earn Incentives

After joining a fundraising team you can earn your CARRY THE FALLEN PATCH by fundraising $100 or more and completing a 3, 6, 12 or 22 hour long Carry The Fallen Ruck-March event! Carry The Fallen Team Leaders will distribute patches, only to participants who raise $100, during the closing ceremony of the event. Participants can even make their own donations towards the patch on their fundraising page, or keep sharing their fundraising page to raise the $100 minimum donation amount.


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Upcoming Carry the Fallen Events

Carry The Fallen 5.31.2014
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