How Active Heroes Reduces Veteran Suicide

Active Heroes is a 501c3 charity helping Veterans, Active Duty Military and their families.

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Active Heroes’ mission is to strengthen active duty military, veterans and their families in order to provide the coping skills to manage the stress and the triggering points that lead to suicide.

Active Heroes is dedicated to connecting and helping America’s military families through physical and mental therapy, home repairs, community outreach and community reintegration to halt the triggering points and stress associated with “hard times” that lead to suicide.



Located in Louisville, Kentucky, The Active Heroes Military Family Community Center is the first of its kind. The Center will be a place that helps to connect veterans and their family members with special events, seminars, volunteer opportunities, therapists, peer mentors, and opportunities for education and employment. At the Center, Active Heroes will host workshops in conjunction with Sullivan University which will cover a variety of issues that military families face or need assistance with. The seminars are paired with activities from partners in the community including cross-fit workouts, yoga, horse back riding, meditation classes and self defense classes. All of these seminars and activities are hosted at no charge to the military families


Active Heroes Retreat

photo copyThe Active Heroes Military Family Retreat Center is the first retreat in America designed by military families to help military families heal! The retreat center is located in Shepherdsville, KY and is open to military families free of charge. Activities currently include camping, cookouts, archery, hiking and a children’s playground. Veterans and military families can relax at the pergolas or escape to the “healing areas” for solitude. Volunteer projects will continue for cleanup into 2016, and anyone interested in volunteering is welcome to join us! Free camping for military families will begin in the summer of 2015. One large meal, seminars and entertainment are provided by Active Heroes. Register for these activities at

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We are currently raising funds to build The Active Heroes Retreat. You can help hundreds of military families visit the retreat by donating to this program. We hope to open the Active Heroes Retreat by 2015 to bring together many veterans and build leaders that help veterans in their own communities

Community Outreach/ Veteran Home Repairs

Active Heroes does community outreach and volunteer work throughout several states to assist veterans and military families on a personal level. Volunteer projects include home and yard cleanups, community cleanups, home winterizing and home repairs. Since 2011, Active Heroes has repaired over 30 homes owned by veterans. The projects range from installations of wheelchair ramps, to full home restorations for wounded or disabled veterans. Home repair applications are advertised during the spring and summer months via several of our news station partners. More information can be found at

The focus of Community Outreach is to:

Integrate: We provide planning and resources nationwide through an extended network of care. Active Heroes integrates this support within our programs to provide extensive support to military families including home renovations for wounded veterans and veterans with Post traumatic stress Disorder.

Educate: We actively educate communities on the challenges faced by our service members and their families. Volunteers and children work hand in hand with community projects, building support teams for veterans.

Engage: Active Heroes is supported by an incredible community of members nationwide that join forces to help military families. Engaging volunteerism through communities.


Volunteer Here

Get involved by signing up to volunteer with our Community Outreach program. Anyone can volunteer for smaller roles to larger roles and make a big difference.

Wounded Veteran Lifetime Funds

Through a partnership with the Community Foundation of Louisville, Active Heroes supports several wounded veterans with an annual endowment fund. Wounded veterans who are selected to receive support from this fund are placed on the endowment list for the rest of their lives. Applications are open for wounded veterans on Veterans Day each year.

  • Direct bill pay for late mortgage payments
    Special assistance to military children including those with fallen parents
    Travel Assistance for military families including vehicles for disabled veterans
    Providing business Attire for unemployed veterans while job searching
    Car payments, electricity bills, water bills or deposits for living
    Gift cards for groceries
    Medical bills and funeral costs
    Continuing support for approved and supported families


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Active Heroes has helped create lifetime funds for wounded warriors. You can support these heroes by making a donation.

Active Challenges/ Physical Therapy
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Active Heroes hosts free events across America for veterans, military families and supporters. These physically and mentally challenging events and seminars focus on connecting veterans and their families to get active and help reduce stress. Since 2011, Active Heroes has had more than 12,000 military family members participate in running events, hiking events, competitions and free suicide prevention seminars. In 2015, Active Heroes will incorporate team leaders and peer mentors to help build deeper connections and support for vet- erans who are suicidal. Team leaders receive training that will help them work to reduce veteran suicide numbers in their local towns. Register for our free events at

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You owe it to yourself to get involved with our great Active Challenges. Learn about the next challenge and how your effort will help.